T V Sambasivarao

When it comes to chemistry which is as vast as the ocean, having a competent teacher who can handle Physical, Inorganic, and Organic with equal competency is extremely rare. T V Sambasivarao is the rarity of such a rare group. With over 24 years of teaching experience, he worked as branch head of Aakash institute (Hyderabad) and taught in top batches of Fiitjee, Narayana, and Sri Chaitanya (ipl Madhapur) in Hyderabad. He can teach Physical and Organic with impeccable clarity and can help students get over the mugging habit of Inorganic by beautifully outlining logic in such a complex subject as Inorganic. He is an excellent motivator and has the extraordinary ability to raise the level of students in a systematic way.

T V Sambasiva Rao