We are a team of four members comprising of three subject experts and one administration expert, with the sole aim of providing top quality education to a limited set of students. Having worked in different institutes for a span of 15 – 25 years we know what exactly goes into teaching a student for IIT JEE and hence we started ASPIRANTS IIT ACADEMY.

Our core principles are

  1. Limited Strength with full attention on students.
  2. Conceptual and multisolution approach rather than rote learning.
  3. Stress on fundamentals, understanding, and visualization.
  4. To reduce the stress on students without diluting the quality of their understanding.
  5. We make sure that students improve their knowledge, skill and application ability and are ready to tackle engineering as their profession.

Courses We Offer

Our Team

K K Vishwanadham


Many students preparing for IIT feel they can manage mathematics quite easily. They are not to be blamed, thanks to the training methodology of many of those teachers who rely on substitution and murky tricks without actually going in to fundamentals.

S Kalyan Dutt


Physics has always been bottleneck and it is very rare to find a good physics teacher, who can make students think and help visualize the conceptual parts of this beautiful subject.

T V Sambasiva Rao


When it comes to chemistry which is as vast as ocean, having a competent teacher who can handle Physical, Inorganic and Organic with equal competency is extremely rare.